Mailman 4

Mailman 4

Mailman 3 in few clicks on AWS


Basic support

Median email response time of less than 24 hours.

Premium support

Median email response time of less than 8 hours.


How to login

To login, reset admin user password using email, submitted on sign-up.
To reset the password, use this page of your Mailman4 website:


How to cancel your subscription

Mailman 4 subscription can be cancelled at any time.
To cancel the sybscription, use this page in your AWS account:

Custom integrations

It is possible to expose Mailman 3 API for custom integration.
The feature is disabled by default, reach to the support if you need it.

What is Mailman?

GNU Mailman is a mailing list management software.
Mailman project was started long time ago before the Millennium.
Since its birth it has become the most intelligent tool for handling mailing lists ever.
Huge number of companies with Fortune 500 members among them have been using Mailman for years.
The new version Mailman 3 brings to us even better user experience and communication power.